Concern Worldwide Emergency Briefing: Turkey-Syria, Ukraine and Horn of Africa

Marking one year since the dramatic escalation of conflict in Ukraine and amidst the sudden emergency in Turkey and Syria and drought-induced hunger across the Horn of Africa, the Concern Worldwide Emergency Briefing: Turkey-Syria, Ukraine and Horn of Africa shared how our teams are responding to the multiple and simultaneous crises and how your support has been put into action to aid our emergency response.

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Turkey-Syria Earthquake

“Shelter for those left homeless by the earthquake will be a major priority, along with water and sanitation services, food, and essential household item,” according to Concern Program Director, Ali Fuat Sutlu. “There’s a strong civil society here and we are combining our expertise and resources to ensure that these very vulnerable people will get the support they need, both immediately and into the future. This earthquake stretched across an arc of nearly 250 miles, causing massive damage and displacing hundreds of thousands of families, and the humanitarian situation will be challenging for many months. We will be there every step of the way.”

Fatma Guler of Concern talks to Ahmed and Irmine whose family have been sleeping in the Sanliurfa Exhibition Center since the February 6th earthquake in Turkey. Hundreds of thousands of people are unable to return to their homes because of earthquake damage. Photo: Kieran McConville/Concern Worldwide

Conflict in Ukraine

Remaining warm is one of the biggest challenges in a country where electricity and fuel are in short supply. “The millions of displaced people face uncertainty, they face fear and now, on top of that, they are facing severe cold,” Concern’s Head of Emergency Operations, Ros O’Sullivan said. “But they are not facing this alone – we are on the ground delivering aid.” Concern is providing cash payments to vulnerable families to enable them to buy what they need, supplying food to transit centres working with displaced people, and food and hygiene supplies to communities hosting large numbers of people fleeing the conflict.

JERU staff inspect supplies that have arrived in Khemelnytskyi. Photo: Simona Supino/Concern Worldwide

Horn of Africa Drought

“The humanitarian situation in the Horn of Africa is dire with the number of people in need of assistance continuing to climb,” Concern’s Regional Director Amina Abdulla has warned. Children are bearing the brunt of the suffering. About 5.1 million children are acutely malnourished in drought-affected areas. Of these 1.4 million children are at risk of dying as a result of hunger. Concern teams in Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya are working to meet the growing needs of drought-stricken communities. They are providing a range of supports for communities, including cash payments, water trucking, constructing latrines in displacement camps, and repairing non-functioning boreholes. They are operating outreach clinics and distributing hygiene materials, such as jerry cans and soap.

A child’s arm is measured at a malnutrition clinic in Lekwasimyen in Northern Kenya’s Turkana province. Photo: Lisa Murray/Concern Worldwide