Active Citizenship

Inspiring youth to become active global citizens

Concern Active Citizenship (CAC) is an innovative global education program that seeks to raise awareness of current international humanitarian issues in U.S. youth and to empower them to take meaningful action. Through dynamic resources, student-led activities, and professional development for educators, CAC prepares youth to gain the knowledge and skills needed to be globally competent for the 21st century.

GCC students during a summer field visit to Ethiopia, 2015

High school students during a summer field visit to Ethiopia, 2015

Open to secondary schools (grades 9-12) in the NYC, Chicago, and Boston metro areas. Program participation is free-of-charge and includes:

  • Standards-aligned lesson plans that prepare students with relevant skills and knowledge.
  • Guides for community fundraising and/or hosting a global youth summit at your school that brings students together for a day of problem-solving, collaboration, and design.
  • Community action plans that address global issues in a local setting.

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