Gifts of stocks or securities

Gifts of stock, bonds, or mutual funds support our work around the world and have advantages for you as a donor. Here’s what you need to know:

  • You can donate appreciated stocks, bonds, or mutual funds
  • The total value of the stock is tax-deductible upon transfer
  • There is no obligation to pay capital gain taxes on the appreciation

Transferring Shares from a Brokerage Account

If the shares are held at a securities firm or other brokerage account, please instruct the institution where securities are held to transfer the shares to Concern Worldwide U.S.’s account at:

Morgan Stanley
Account number: 785-439695
DTC number: 0015

Instruct your broker to enter your name, as well as any other contact information that will help us identify your gift, into the “Text Comment” field of the DTC screen.

Free online stock transfer tool

We’ve partnered with FreeWill to help you make a gift of stock to Concern with a free online tool. You can make your smartest donation to end global poverty in under 10 minutes — make a stock transfer gift here.

Other transfers

If certificates or shares are in your physical possession, please send us a letter of authorization. Download a sample authorization letter. The signature of the person(s) named on the certificate(s) must either be on the back of the certificate(s) or on a stock power form. Our Morgan Stanley account number (785-439695) should be written on the face of the certificate(s).

You can send your letter of authorization, certificate(s), and stock power form (if applicable) to the address below. Any questions or problems can be directed to Morgan Stanley at 1.888.454.0555.

Morgan Stanley
Attn: Operations
PO Box 290157
Tampa, FL 33687

We request that you notify us of any gift in advance. Contact us at 212.557.8000 or complete this form. It is important that you notify us so that we may properly acknowledge your gift. Any other questions regarding stock or mutual fund donations can be directed to Vanessa Bright at 212.557.8000.