Be there, month after month

Concern’s monthly donors share our belief that the end to extreme poverty is achievable. And like us, they know that change comes from doing the hard work — whatever it is, wherever it’s needed, and for as long as the job requires.

Monthly gifts are an essential source of sustainable support for Concern. You can provide the kind of stability that people need to lift themselves out of extreme poverty. Each monthly commitment helps us work in more places often overlooked, plan farther into the future, expand our programs without risk, and respond faster when an emergency strikes.

We work with communities to help the people who need us most, and we don’t leave until we have worked ourselves out of a job. Concern’s monthly donors make a real, lasting difference in the lives of people in need: providing the reliable extra funds needed for a student to attend school, or for a mother to invest in her new business. These small amounts add up to large gains in the fight to end extreme poverty for good. Your gift will go exactly where it’s needed most each month, with 93 cents of every dollar donated to Concern going directly to our programs.

Start your monthly gift now to change the lives of families living in some of the toughest places on earth.