Tribute Gifts

Give a gift to Concern on behalf of someone special and together you’ll be transforming the lives of some of the world’s poorest people.

If you are searching for a unique, heartfelt gift in honor or in memory of someone you love, a tribute gift to Concern Worldwide is a truly meaningful choice. They allow you to show how deeply you care while providing vital support to people facing extreme poverty, hunger, COVID, climate change, and conflict.

Your gift to Concern is fully tax-deductible and, with no shipping times or plastic packaging, it’s an easy and sustainable way to celebrate the holidays, birthdays, graduations, and more. We can guarantee it’ll bring joy to your loved one, whatever the occasion – and hope to vulnerable people around the world.

  • $12 can give a family avocado trees

    Help Concern give a gift that grows, and helps people grow: for the price of a monthly streaming subscription, we can give a family eight trees to supplement their nutrition and income.

  • $30 can provide a bicycle to a remote community

    When the closest hospital is hours away on foot, having a bicycle in an emergency can save precious time.

  • $50 can save a malnourished child

    A child suffering from acute malnutrition requires special care: four to six weeks of life-saving emergency therapeutic food, a high-energy and shelf-stable peanut paste.

  • $75 can keep a girl in school

    You can help support a girl to stay in secondary school for two extra years so she can increase her potential to earn, avoid early marriage, and challenge discrimination.

  • $120 can install a water pump

    An accessible source of fresh water helps a farmer to irrigate their land all year round – allowing their crops to flourish and produce healthier harvests, for their families and for market.

  • $275 can launch someone’s career

    With your support, someone with few opportunities can complete a six-month apprenticeship with all the training needed to build a career.

Gift-wrap a brighter future for families living in poverty with a tribute gift to Concern Worldwide today.

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