We relentlessly challenge ourselves to craft effective solutions that build on our experience, learning and partnership with communities.

Wherever we work, Concern is on the lookout for ways to do things better. Innovation for us means addressing a social problem with a novel solution that is more effective, more efficient, more sustainable, or simply more fair, and then using testing and research to back up our theories.

Throughout our history, our innovations have sprung from a spirit of pragmatism and partnership; they’re the product of working in a tough place for long enough to identify the bottlenecks and the barriers, listening to others who know more than us, thinking, and doing. We have never been afraid to experiment.

Since 2008, we have built a more formal practice of innovation into our some of our health programming, particularly those that focus on maternal and child health. In these cases, we apply the techniques of design and experimentation associated with “social innovation” to yield better outcomes for people.

We reach out to many, including those not typically consulted about health initiatives, as we collectively generate ideas, create prototypes, and try them out. Then we keep tinkering until we get it right. In the field of practice, these approaches are called human-centered design, listening to unconventional voices, and iteration. We think it’s the right way to get things done.