What we do

Concern helps the world’s extreme poor and most vulnerable recover from disaster, fight malnutrition and deadly diseases, strengthen their resilience to climate extremes, and more.

Since its founding in 1968, Concern Worldwide has saved countless lives, relieved suffering and provided opportunities for a sustained better living standard for millions of people. We work primarily in the world’s poorest countries, and within those countries, we seek out the most vulnerable and overlooked. Concern implements emergency response programs, has been a leader in health and nutrition issues, and has been in the forefront of helping communities develop resilience to high-impact climate extremes. We also work in education, livelihoods and water and sanitation. Every day we are inspired by the legacy of Father Aengus Finucane, one of Concern’s founders, who called upon each of us to do as much as we can, as well as we can, for as long as we can, for as many as we can.

Other Programs

Livelihoods & Financial Empowerment

Concern works with individuals to find jobs and ways to generate income that make the most sense for them and their families — be it growing sorghum or starting a bicycle taxi service.


Understanding the value of education to the sustainable development of communities, we make sure children get the start in school they need, especially helping build a foundation in reading, writing and math and creating safe spaces for learning and play. Concern also helps teachers improve their skills, and supports parent-teacher organizations.

Clean Water & Sanitation

Every day, millions of women and children in developing countries walk several hours a day to collect water that is unsafe to drink, and sometimes deadly. Globally, it’s a dwindling resource. Concern has worked for decades to improve access to clean, safe drinking water and sanitation as part of our strategy to advance health in the world’s poorest countries.