December 20, 2022

New York, NY – For over two decades, Alexi Lubomirski has been one of the world’s leading fashion and celebrity portrait photographers, and a favorite of acclaimed actors, musicians, and sports stars. In recent years he has also captured some seminal moments in the lives of the British royal family, including the engagement and wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. 

But now, Lubomirski has embarked on what he says is one of the most important project of his career — and it is as far from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and British Royalty.  

“I’m not an aid worker and I don’t have the kinds of talents that are useful on the ground in a situation like this. But I am a storyteller and I do have a platform and a following and I want to use that to do whatever I can to help. I feel like the world has been distracted by other stories and is not paying attention, and a tragedy is unfolding that is entirely avoidable.” 

Large areas of Kenya, Ethiopia, and Somalia, collectively known as the Horn of Africa, have been suffering the worst drought in living memory, with millions of people driven to the brink of famine. Thousands have already died of malnutrition and hunger-related diseases, with limited international attention and life-saving aid slow to arrive. 

Over the course of a week, Lubomirski traveled with Concern Worldwide through the remote and arid landscape of Marsabit County, meeting those worst affected by the drought. On a mission to bring this story to as many people as possible, he emerged with a series of stunning images and heartbreaking stories to share with the world, including:  

  • A bereaved mother, who marks the tiny grave of her days-old daughter with the only tribute she can think of — the i/v bag used in the struggle to save the baby’s life.  
  • A community’s first ever female Chief who has watched the water source so essential for their survival dry up and disappear, leaving them reliant on a single, saline water source. 
  • A family foraging for firewood in a landscape scattered with the decomposing remains of their entire herd of goats and camels. They hope to sell it but find few buyers. 
  • Girls as young as 12, who are being married off to older men for the income it will bring to families who have no other means of survival.  

Koronto Arigelle, a pastoralist in Northern Kenya, shows the remaining food she has for her seven children. All of the family’s livestock have died as a result of the worst drought in 40 years. Photo: Alexi Lubomirski/Concern Worldwide

Of the stories and his trip Lubomirski said, “Yes, there is war in Ukraine and political turmoil at home in the U.S. and so many other issues vying for our attention — but this is a story of human tragedy that we can help turn around. Hundreds of thousands of children could die if we don’t.” 

The UN estimates that over 20 million people are “waking each day to high levels of food insecurity and rising malnutrition” in the Horn of Africa. Concern Worldwide is responding to this crisis by supporting mobile and clinic-based nutrition services and through the provision emergency cash transfers to affected communities. Concern Worldwide teams are also repairing broken boreholes and shallow wells and vaccinating livestock against diseases. 

“In some areas, it hasn’t rained properly since 2019 — and these people are entirely dependent on rainfall for their food and income. Amina told me that this is potentially worse than the famine that killed over 250,000 people in 2011. Most of them were children and, as a dad, I just cannot conceive of the idea that a child could starve to death in our world today.  

Celebrity and Royal photographer, Alexi Lubomirski, embarks on a mission to highlight the increasingly desperate situation facing millions of people across the Horn of Africa.


Based in New York, Alexi Lubomirski has created thousands of high-end portraits, with subjects including Beyoncé, Ralph Lauren, Jennifer Aniston, Serena Williams, Lupita Nyong’o, Bruce Springsteen, Selena Gomez, Brad Pitt and Salma Hayek. He has been official photographer at the Golden Globes and his work has been published in some of the world’s foremost outlets, including Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Elle, GQ, and Esquire. 


Concern Worldwide is an international humanitarian organization dedicated to ending extreme poverty, whatever it takes. We believe in a world where everyone has access to the opportunities needed to live a long, healthy and creative life. Since 1968, we have worked with some of the world’s most vulnerable, hardest-to-reach communities to achieve lasting change without ongoing intervention from Concern Worldwide. www.concernusa.org  


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