Chef Gabe Kennedy: Winner of “The Taste”| Larry King Now

May 1, 2015
Originally published in: Ora TV

Chef Gabe Kennedy chats with Larry King about winning season 3 of the ‘Taste’, his trip to Haiti with Concern, and the Live Below the Line challenge.

Larry David sits down with Chef Gabe Kennedy and asks not only about his work as a chef, but how Gabe is utilizing his passion to help eradicate extreme poverty. Gabe spoke of his recent trip to Haiti with Concern Worldwide, highlighting the positive impact the organization has had in the country.

He also drew focus to the Live Below the Line challenge. Live Below the Line is an organization that aims to raise money and awareness for the 1.2 billion people in this world who live in total destitution. In their efforts to raise awareness along with funds, they challenge individuals, corporations, and their partner organizations to live as the extremely impoverished do, that is, to eat and drink for less than $1.50 each day.

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