Chef Gabe Kennedy’s Recipe for Cole Slaw: Only 7 Cents per Serving

May 13, 2015
Originally published in: Lifescript
Written by Kristyn Burtt, Lifescript Entertainment Editor

Chef Gabe Kennedy creates fancy meals at elite restaurants but he’s also drawing attention to those communities who live below the poverty line. Find out how to make a nutritious side dish for only 74 cents a serving…

Many television viewers know Chef Gabe Kennedy as the Season 3 winner of ‘The Taste.’ After his win, he wanted to give back by becoming an ambassador to Concern Worldwide. The charity’s mission is to “help people living in extreme poverty achieve major improvements in their lives that last and spread without ongoing support from Concern.”

One of the programs Kennedy participated in was the ‘Live Below the Line’ campaign. It forces participants to sustain themselves on $1.50 at day, the extreme poverty line established by the World Bank.


An affordable and nutritious recipe

The chef took a unique approach to the challenge by using his experience from a recent trip to Haiti as the theme for his week. He had given cooking demonstrations while in Port-au-Prince and Saut d’Eau, so he took the opportunity to create affordable meals featuring Haitian cuisine.

In this recipe for cole slaw, Kennedy brings together the flavors of Haiti with ingredients many of us keep in our pantries and fridges. With the combination of apples, cabbage, red onion and seasonings, this dish feeds two people at a cost of only 74 cents per serving.