Food Insecurity in Haiti: Devex reports on Concern’s response.

January 26, 2023

Devex article chronicles the impacts of cholera, gang violence, and conflict in Ukraine on hunger in Haiti.

In Haiti, cholera, gang violence, and the compounding effects of conflict in Ukraine are driving up food insecurity and levels of hunger.

In the Devex article, Haiti’s hunger intensified by cholera, gang violence, Ukraine war, Senior Reporter Teresa Welsh interviewed Kwanli Kladstrup, Concern Worldwide’s Haiti Country Director:

“Because there hasn’t been any sort of improvement on overall political, social, and economic stability, people are being pushed further into being more food insecure and really struggling in terms of meeting their own basic food needs,” said Kwanli Kladstrup, Concern Worldwide’s country director for Haiti.

“Haiti is a U.S.-based economy and based around foreign imports, so any sort of price hike really impacts on the day-to-day lives and the purchasing capacity of households.”

As Welsh reports, “while the highest level of food insecurity, classified as “famine,” was recorded in Haiti for the first time in October, some 4.7 million people — more than a third of the population — now face a “severe” food crisis. Children who are acutely malnourished are at least three times more likely to die if they contract cholera, while response efforts are hampered by ongoing insecurity.”

The price of imported food has shot up 43% in the last year, while local produce has risen 23%, according to Kladstrup. The organization [Concern Worldwide] is using electronic vouchers to provide food assistance and working with vendors to help improve supply chains. The idea is to expand access to fresh produce and promote more nutritious diets.

Concern Worldwide’s Response


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