H.S.H Prince Alexi Lubomirski’s “Notes for a young prince”

July 16, 2014
Originally published in: Vanity Fair
Written by Sunhee Grinell

The article promotes the sales of the book, Notes for a Young Prince, for which the proceeds are donated to Concern Worldwide.

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I don’t typically write about beauty books, but this book in particular is about a different kind of beauty—inner beauty.

Not too long ago, famed fashion photographer Alexi Lubomirski,who has photographed countless boldface actors, actresses, celebrities, and models for the high-gloss magazines Allure, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, and numerous others, was contemplating on the meaning of his given royal title, His Serene Highness Prince. A title that he has not publicized until now. A title that stretches back more than half a millennium. A title of which he was informed at the tender age of 11.

Fast-forward many years, to when Prince Alexi Lubomirski had his own sons and remembered what his mother once told him. “If you are to be a prince in today’s world, you have to be a prince in your heart and in your actions.” These words inspired him to write Notes for a Young Prince, a little book filled with wonderful wisdoms and profound reminders of how one should be at heart and that retells young readers to be genuine and kind to others. Notes such as “Open your eyes to all the BEAUTY, magic, and miracles in this world. The more you open your mind to them, the more they will become apparent” and “BALANCE is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Know that to succeed in life and to be truly ‘rich’ you must be successful in all areas of work, love, and family at the same time” resonated with me. They are royal-worthy lessons for princes, princesses, and all young people alike.

And what would a prince do with a book once it’s published? Donate 100 percent of its profits to charity, of course, in this case, Concern Worldwide, an non-governmental, international, humanitarian organization dedicated to reducing extreme poverty in the world’s poorest countries.

So buy this book. Please share the love with your family, friends, and children, as it will be a keepsake for a lifetime and for many generations to follow. Along with his prince-worthy looks, H.S.H. Prince Alexi Lubomirski is certainly living up to his title. Long live the king!