Humanitarian Response in Tigray, Ethiopia

March 23, 2021

A Concern team has been distributing food and other vital aid to help displaced families in Tigray, Ethiopia. Since the armed conflict began in the region last November, thousands of people have fled their homes.

The humanitarian situation in the northern Ethiopian province of Tigray is cause for serious concern. Many thousands of families have been displaced by conflict and are in need of help. Concern Worldwide has worked extensively in Tigray and has had operations in Ethiopia for nearly 50 years.

“While some support has been provided over the last three months, the needs of those displaced are extensive and wide ranging,” Concern Worldwide Country Director in Ethiopia Barbara White said. “They include shelter, food, water, sanitation and healthcare.”

Concern’s team has distributed food (wheat and lentils) and essential household items such as cooking pots and utensils, soap, towels and detergent.

The families reached were in eastern Tigray. “They are staying wherever they can find shelter,” Ms White said. “In most cases local communities, who have little themselves, are taking in people who have been displaced from their homes. Others are staying in churches and schools with limited facilities.”

The regional conflict erupted three months ago just before the crops were due to be harvested. “Many fled leaving the crops in the ground and so now they are dependent on others for food,” Ms White said. “The aid distributed this week will make a significant difference to the 5,000 people who will benefit but it is a drop in the ocean.  In the immediate area alone there are an estimated 60,000 displaced people.”

The United Nations have reported that the number of people in need of humanitarian assistance across the Tigray region has risen to 4.5 million.