Nothing Kills Like Hunger

March 21, 2022

They’ve fled their homes, and lived through unimaginable violence and fear. Now, entire communities are facing their biggest threat yet: hunger.

Right now, Concern is on the ground combatting the hidden threat of hunger with emergency support, as well as longer term resilience-building strategies.

This is the story behind the headlines you need to see.

There is a much bigger story hidden behind the daily headlines of conflict and the dramatic images of warplanes, tanks, and men with guns.  It is a story that needs to be told: Nothing Kills Like Hunger   

The truth is more people, especially children, die from the hunger that accompanies conflict than the conflict itself. But it doesn’t have to be like this.

Nothing Kills Like Hunger is a new advocacy campaign designed by Concern to shine a light on what we believe to be one of the most prominent issues of our time: conflict-driven hunger. 

As we continue this work, here’s how to join this fight and help drive real change 


Sign Our Petition 

Since our initial response to the Biafran Famine over 50 years ago, we’ve seen how prolonged conflicts and systematic military strategies both create the conditions of hunger. It isn’t just homes and villages, but entire lives and livelihoods that are being destroyed by conflict. This leaves those in the most vulnerable situation possible trapped in the grip of hunger, terrified that the next crisis they face may be their last. As they try to rebuild their lives, families are being forced to find food wherever they can, never knowing when their next meal might be. Often, it is the mothers who eat last and the least. Conflict is making the prospect of a slow, agonising death due to hunger a very real possibility.



Act today to provide life-saving support

When we picture conflict, we imagine explosions, violence and bloodshed. What we don’t imagine is the devastation caused by the deadliest weapon of all: hunger.

With you help, let’s help communities rebuild their lives, free from this devastating killer.

Sign Our Petition

Act now: Urge Global Leaders to End Hunger for People in Conflict

Our aim is to drive real change by taking this all the way to the United Nations. Sign the open letter to members of the UN Security Council, calling on global leaders to disarm conflict-driven hunger by:

  1. Guaranteeing humanitarian assistance for the 45 million people who are at risk of starvation
  2. Breaking the cycle between conflict and hunger for good to prevent future famines
  3. Investigating, condemning and taking action against those who use starvation as a weapon of war

Add your name today to call on members of the UN Security Council to save lives.

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