COVID is a hammer blow to low income economies

January 15, 2021

The secondary impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic affect everyone — even those in countries reporting low case numbers

New Research

A new report based on data collected across 25 low-income countries has revealed the extent to which the indirect impacts of the pandemic are causing devastation to communities already under pressure. “COVID-19 Spares No One” reveals that 50% of respondents say their household is eating less than before the pandemic and 14% saying they do not think their children will return to school.

Map of countries featrued in COVID report

As North American and European countries have seen a dramatic spread of COVID-19 infections, an ongoing narrative throughout 2020 was that low income countries have been “spared” from the pandemic. Indeed, many countries in Africa, the Middle East, Central and South America, and Asia have reported low case numbers, particularly when compared to Western countries. The entire country of Somalia, for example, has confirmed fewer total cases since the start of the pandemic than New York City reports in a single day. Stats about covid impacts

Low case numbers, high impact

Several theories have arisen about the cause of these low numbers, ranging from a lack of testing and reporting capacity, to younger populations, to increased routine exposure to coronaviruses. No matter the reason for the low number of cases in these countries, one thing is clear: no one has been spared from COVID-19. The pandemic is not only a health crisis, but a shock to the world’s economy that has plunged millions of people further into poverty. This report examines the devastating effects of COVID-19 on livelihoods, healthcare, and education in 10 countries reporting low case numbers.Man on motorbike with "Fighting Coronavirus" vest

The report stems from research conducted by Alliance 2015, a strategic network of eight non-government organizations engaged in humanitarian and development action, of which Concern is one. You can download it here: