Meet Workinesh

September 6, 2021

A successful businesswoman and widowed mother of two, Workinesh Alto broke the cycle of extreme poverty for herself and her family with the tools she developed in a Concern financial empowerment program. Our community of generous supporters makes life-changing opportunities like this possible around the world.

Dense population and climate change have put serious pressure on available land in Ethiopia. For people like Workinesh who rely on the land for survival, everyday life is challenging. Concern works with communities and local partners to identify the households that would most benefit from our support.

Workinesh was given the opportunity to participate in a 10-month intensive including business and technical skills training, mentorship by Concern staff, and financial aid from the community-led savings and loans group. With hard work and study, she has grown her farming and trading business and built security for her family.

For many households working to escape extreme poverty, illness or a poor harvest may leave them unable to eat or send their children to school. Vulnerable communities can just as easily be devastated when a natural disaster hits or conflict flares. Many in this situation will cycle back or fall further below the poverty line and lack the education, training, and savings to weather the shock.

Workinesh is now in a position to navigate instability, as are millions more in two dozen countries, with the help of Concern and all those who stand with us to end extreme poverty, whatever it takes.

Meet Workinesh