If all children in low-income countries acquired basic reading skills, an estimated 171 million people could break the generational cycle of extreme poverty.

How Concern Supports Education for All

Concern’s work is grounded in the belief that all children have a right to a quality education. Our work in education focuses on 3 areas: Increasing access to education, improving the quality of teaching and learning, and providing safe and encouraging learning environments.

We work to bring education to villages that are off the grid, engage local community leaders to find solutions to keep girls in school, and provide mentorship for teachers to ensure that children in formal and non-formal education systems get the most out of their studies, and are able to put the skills they develop towards their future.

On a deeper level, we work with communities and families to ensure that they all play a role in the holistic environment where children learn.

Our impact

In 2018, Concern’s education programming…

  • Reached over 360,000 girls around the world
  • Resulted in a 117% increase in secondary school enrollment for girls in Kenya
  • Provided safe learning environments for 5,000 Syrian refugee children across Turkey and Lebanon
  • Supported 31 community-based schools and 32 literacy classes for women in Afghanistan. Combined with other education initiatives in the country, we reached almost 6,500 children, women, and men in 22 villages.
  • Brought quality primary education to over 5,500 children in Somalia, including training 196 teachers, 5,000 Somali-language reading books, and over 28,000 primary school syllabus textbooks.
  • Provided access to quality education to over 7,230 children in 25 schools in Niger, which is currently experiencing an influx of refugees from neighboring Chad and Nigeria