You Can Help Concern Worldwide

For almost 50 years, Concern has worked to help the world’s most vulnerable families, from Syria to South Sudan. Last year, with a staff of just over 4,000, we reached more than nine million people in 28 countries. And because we know that every penny is precious — to our donors and to the people we help — 92 cents in every dollar goes straight to our programs.

Our staff does whatever is needed. We build shelters in the wake of hurricanes, feed malnourished children when famine strikes, and truck water in times of drought. And when the media spotlight moves on, we don’t. We stay to help whole communities lift themselves out of poverty for good.

Concern was founded in a small house in Dublin by a group of friends who believed passionate people could achieve lasting change in the world. Five decades on, our staff and our tens of thousands of donors still believe the same thing. Will you join us?

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