What We Do

Last year, Concern reached 39 million people with programs designed to address the specific causes of extreme poverty in each community. Broadly speaking, our work fits into one of six categories.

Last year, Concern reached 39 million people living below the poverty line of less than $2 a day. Over the last five decades, we have saved countless lives while working with the communities we serve to create opportunities for better standards of living that allow them to break the cycle of poverty — for good.

Stand with us in the fight against poverty

Both data and experience have shown us that, by working with those living in the greatest states of poverty, everyone across the economic spectrum benefits. We seek out the most vulnerable and overlooked communities, and work with them to respond rapidly and intentionally to the causes of poverty and emergencies both natural and man-made. Our standard-setting health and nutrition programs ensure that children are set up for a lifetime of health and success. And our livelihoods programs aren’t just about establishing jobs: We work with families to establish economic independence and we work with communities to create financial safety nets that last long after our work is done. 

We work with community leaders to challenge harmful norms and stereotypes that leave certain groups marginalized, establishing a level of equity (especially along gender lines) that allows for everyone to live a successful and dignified life. We focus much of our work on women for this reason, as well as children — ensuring that the next generation is not destined to inherit intergenerational poverty. 

We look for creative solutions to poverty to ensure that communities maintain access to fundamental human rights, such as clean water and quality education, in communities hit hard by conflict, natural disasters, climate change, extreme hunger, and famine. When an emergency strikes, we’re among the first on the ground, mobilizing expert teams in just 24 hours. At a policy-making level, we advocate for the people we serve and the issues they face on a national and global level. 

Our mission doesn’t end until extreme poverty does.

Other Programs

Livelihoods & Financial Empowerment

Concern works with individuals to find jobs and ways to generate income that make the most sense for them and their families — be it growing sorghum or starting a bicycle taxi service.


Understanding the value of education to the sustainable development of communities, we make sure children get the start in school they need, especially helping build a foundation in reading, writing and math and creating safe spaces for learning and play. Concern also helps teachers improve their skills, and supports parent-teacher organizations.

Gender Equality

Every day, millions of women and children in developing countries walk several hours a day to collect water that is unsafe to drink, and sometimes deadly. Globally, it’s a dwindling resource. Concern has worked for decades to improve access to clean, safe drinking water and sanitation as part of our strategy to advance health in the world’s poorest countries.