Ending extreme poverty, whatever it takes

Extreme geographies. Extreme climate challenges. Extreme crises.

Nothing will stop us from fighting extreme poverty.

Concern Worldwide is an international humanitarian organization working with the world’s most vulnerable people in the hardest to reach places.

What we do

We specialize in emergency response, health & nutrition, climate resilience, education, and livelihoods.

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How we do it

We don't believe in cookie-cutter approaches, so we work hand-in-hand with communities to design practical solutions.

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Where we work

We work wherever we're needed most — from remote villages in Ethiopia to refugee camps in Lebanon to urban slums in Haiti.

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We're ending extreme poverty.
Here's how.



Directing 93 cents of every dollar to our programs



Working with the world's most vulnerable in 25 countries



Operating as a global team of 4,700 humanitarians