In Haiti for more than two decades, Concern is working with communities on a wide range of ongoing long-term development programs, while remaining committed to still much-needed earthquake recovery and rehabilitation efforts, now more than five years on.

Quick Facts:

  • Population: 10.5 million
  • Life expectancy: 62.8
  • Infant mortality (per thousand live births): 54.7
  • Age 5 and under mortality (per thousand under 5 children): 72.8
  • Maternal mortality rate (deaths per 100,000 live births): 380
  • Literacy rate: 48.7 %
  • Females with at least some secondary education: 22.4%

We’re working to improve access to markets for mango and avocado farmers, as well as helping locals develop a viable tourism market.


Like other humanitarian organizations, Concern faced the challenge of the diminishing availability of funds as the fifth anniversary of Haiti’s 2010 earthquake approached. Nevertheless, we carried forth a comprehensive program spanning the country’s urban-rural divide. In Port-au-Prince, our Return to Neighborhoods program relocated more than 5,000 people from post-earthquake camps to safe, secure housing.

Our development work in the underserved Grand Ravine slum centered on a 30-year urban plan aimed at transforming the lives of its 20,000 residents. In rural Saut d’Eau and La Gonave, a multi-faceted program approach was also key. In Saut d’Eau, nearly 1,500 mango and avocado farmers improved their skills, productivity, and market access and a tourism development program helped local entrepreneurs open five bed-and-breakfast inns. In La Gonave, training and resource management efforts helped nearly 7,600 men and women protect local fisheries, improving income, sustainability, and food security.

Some of our programs

  • Grand Ravine 3-year urban plan
  • Return to Neighborhoods