In Malawi, improving the quality of education for girls in primary school is a main focus of our programming, as well as reproductive health for women and improving livelihoods for very poor farmers by increasing their yields.

Quick Facts:

  • Population: 16.8 million
  • Population living below $1.25/day: 72.2%
  • Life expectancy: 62.8
  • Infant mortality (per thousand live births): 44.2
  • Age 5 and under mortality (per thousand under 5 children): 67.9
  • Maternal mortality rate (deaths per 100,000 live births): 510
  • Literacy rate: 61.3%
  • Females with at least some secondary education: 11.1%

We provided more than 1,600 families with a mobile phone through which they received cash allowances for five months, allowing them to purchase food without going into debt or selling off whatever assets they had.

Concern’s work in Malawi focuses on education, maternal and child health, livelihoods, and emergency response. We respond to widespread food insecurity with mobile cash transfers to hundreds of families, allowing them to purchase food without going into debt or selling off whatever assets they have. We’ve scaled up our efforts to improve maternal and reproductive health services for more than 33,000 women in Nkhotakota district. This included “Girl Skillz,” a program that focuses on giving young women the skills and confidence to negotiate safe sex, and Chipatala Cha Pa Foni, a hotline for women that provides free health advice, diagnoses, and referral services. We are also working to reduce gender-based violence in 17 schools, an initiative that has increased girls’ attendance by more than 15%.