While Rwanda has one of the fastest growing economies in Africa, challenges still remain, with some 40 percent of Rwandans still living in extreme poverty. In southern Rwanda, Concern is helping people graduate out of poverty through innovative livelihoods programs.

Quick Facts:

  • Population: 12.1million
  • Population living below $1.25/day: 63%
  • Life expectancy: 64.2
  • Infant mortality (per thousand live births): 37.1
  • Age 5 and under mortality (per thousand under 5 children): 52
  • Maternal mortality rate (deaths per 100,000 live births): 320
  • Literacy rate: 65.9%
  • Females with at least some secondary education: 8%

Situated in a sometimes unstable region, Rwanda saw less turmoil in 2014, and without the influx of refugees that usually accompanies neighboring conflict, Concern was able to focus on long-term projects.

In Rwanda, Concern has been working on long term development programing, like our innovative “graduation” livelihoods program that helps people move from poverty through skills training and mentorship that are tailored to individuals’ needs and abilities. We also continued to help people progress out of poverty with the help of cash transfers, health work aimed at reducing malnutrition and improved access to health services, and education initiatives geared toward improving literacy rates.