Concern provides critical emergency assistance to ensure the survival and food security of families affected by recurrent drought and conflict in Somalia, combined with long-term, intersectional development projects.

“Having the cash transfers makes me happy because I know I can buy food that is better for my family.”

— Hani, Mother of 3

Why Somalia

5.2 million Somalis are in need of humanitarian assistance

A decade of droughts in Somalia resulted in crop failure, widespread livestock deaths, and loss of assets. This in turn led to displacements, hunger and malnutrition. In 2018, unexpected heavy rains and Cyclone Sagar then led to widespread flooding and damage to infrastructure and shelter, as well as an increase in water-borne disease.

A new Somali Federal Government was elected in 2017, and successful presidential elections took place later the same year. Despite this progress, security remains a major challenge in parts of the country, resulting in instability and continued displacement.

Our programs respond to the effects of these natural disasters, as well as population displacements caused by conflict and ongoing insecurity. We work on emergency responses and also longer-term programs that build the resilience of affected communities.

Latest Achievements

  • Health & Nutrition

    Last year in Somalia, Concern provided over 51,000 nutrition consultations for children and adults, treated over 28,000 children and mothers for acute malnutrition, provided almost 5,000 prenatal check-ups, immunized over 1,300 children, and trained 88 community health workers.

  • Cash Transfers

    The Somali Cash Consortium, led by Concern, has distributed nearly $18 million over 300,000 people across he country through mobile cash transfers, making a lifesaving impact for those most vulnerable to drought and insecurity.

  • Livelihoods

    Last year, 140 lead farmers in drought-struck Somaliland received training and agricultural inputs for climate-smart and soil rehabilitation farming techniques. Additionally, 160 women in self-help groups received small-business training and start-up grants.

Our work in Somalia

Concern has been in Somalia for nearly 35 years, responding to emergencies such as drought, floods, famine, and population displacements caused by conflict and ongoing insecurity. Beyond this, however, we're building systems and solutions for economic stability and financial empowerment.

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