Become a Concern Ambassador

As true partners in our work, Ambassadors receive exclusive updates from the field, special recognition, and unique opportunities to connect with Concern

By contributing $5,000 or more each year, Ambassadors make an essential investment in Concern’s work to increase our capacity to create and implement long-term solutions to extreme poverty.  As true partners in our work, Ambassadors receive personal and in-depth access to the work of Concern through exclusive updates from the field, recognition in our annual report, invitations to Ambassador gatherings and program presentations, and opportunities to meet with Concern office and field staff.


Annie Marsh Ryerson
Senior Development Officer
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Meet some of Concern’s Ambassadors

Ruairi Curtin, a managing partner of seven highly successful and thriving gastropubs in New York shares “there are few charities out there capable of bringing sustainable, positive change to the world’s poorest communities, and Concern is one of them. Outside of the good it does, my involvement definitely keeps my perspective on life in check and teaches me humility. Giving to those less fortunate in life is a fundamental responsibility for us all.”

Michael Dowling is President and Chief Executive Officer of Northwell Health overseeing the nation’s 14th largest health system, delivering world-class care at 21 hospitals and employing more than 61,000 people. Growing up in a thatched cottage in Ireland without plumbing or electricity and the son of a severely arthritic father and a deaf mother, Michael knows more than anyone how most people don’t want a hand out, but need a hand up.

Alexi Lubomirksi is a New York-based fashion and celebrity photographer and is a regular contributor to publications such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. Growing up between England and Botswana, Alexi was keenly aware of the hardships that many faced and decided that once he started making his own money, he would give a portion of his profits to charity. When he received his first check as a photographer, he was on the way to the bank to deposit it when a Concern street fundraiser had the good fortune of being in his path. One conversation later, he started donating immediately to Concern’s programs around the world. Fast forward ten years, and Alexi is not only a steadfast supporter of Concern but is also a proud Ambassador.

Kelly McShane and her husband, Jim, a Concern Board Member, have visited Concern’s programs in Haiti, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, and Uganda. She shares how a villager in the Wollo region of Ethiopia told her that “water changes everything” when she asked how the water project she was visiting had affected his life.

Kevin O’Reilly is the founder and CEO of Satin Fine Foods, which produces Satin Ice fondant, the product of choice for cake artists around the world. “As I’ve gotten older and thought of the important things in life, I’ve asked, ‘What can I do to make a difference?’ Part of my inspiration of getting up every day and growing a business is that I get to make a donation every month.”

Madeleine Schachter practiced law for 30 years, including on international humanitarian issues.  In 2010, she traveled with Concern to Sierra Leone. She learnt how listening to local knowledge is central to what Concern does. “Villager after villager told me the same thing,” Madeleine said. “Concern undertook its project only after meeting with villagers and first asking them, “What do you need the most?”