Donor-Advised Funds, IRAs, and Trusts

However you want to support Concern, your impact remains the same.

Support Concern with Your Donor-Advised Fund, IRA, or Trust

Giving through a managed account like a donor-advised fund (DAF), individual retirement account (IRA), or trust can offer maximum tax benefits. More importantly, it can offer maximum humanitarian and development benefits. Learn more about all three options below or jump directly to instructions on how to support Concern from your DAF, IRA, or trust

Support Concern, your way

At Concern, we believe that the end of poverty is possible within our lifetimes. You can be a part of it. Join our global community of humanitarians committed to creating a future where everyone can exercise their right to a decent standard of living; access the opportunities essential to a long, healthy, and creative life; and be treated with dignity and respect.

We’re happy to  help facilitate annual or recurring disbursements from your DAF, IRA, or living trust. How you make your gift is flexible. You can choose based on the kind of tax savings that you want most or the areas of our work most important to you. However you give, your impact remains the same.

Getting started

If you intend to request a gift to Concern from your DAF, IRA, or trust, please use our legal name, federal tax ID, and address:

Legal Name: Concern Worldwide US, Inc.
Federal Tax ID Number: 13-3712030
Address: 355 Lexington Avenue Fl. 16, New York, NY 10017 

Questions? Ready to make a gift? Please contact us at [email protected].

Donor-Advised Fund (DAF)

Donor-advised funds allow donors to make a charitable contribution (including cash and stocks), receive an immediate tax deduction, and then recommend grants from the fund over time to the organizations they wish to support. 

The benefit of this model is that donors immediately receive the maximum tax deduction as allowed by the IRS. Once the donation is made to the fund, its value can increase — tax-free. And, unlike private foundations (which can be costly and time-intensive to maintain), DAFs thrive with less overhead and offer more deductions and flexibility with grants. 

You can easily set up a donor-advised fund through your local community foundation or financial institution. Contact either to learn more about their options. You can also consult the National Philanthropic Trust

To support Concern through your donor-advised fund
If you already have a DAF, you can simply recommend a grant to Concern using our full legal name, tax ID number, and address. 

Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

If you are 70½ years old or older, you can give up to $100,000 from your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) to Concern Worldwide US in what is known as a charitable rollover or qualified charitable distribution (QCD). Your gift will immediately go into action, allowing you to see the difference that your support makes, while also reducing your annual taxable income.

An individual retirement plan or IRA is often your largest asset that generates a taxable income when paid to a beneficiary. The tax benefits of a QCD from your IRA remain in place whether or not you itemize your deductions, and the rollover gift can satisfy all or part of your required minimum distribution. 

To support Concern through an IRA rollover

Take advantage of our free online tool to obtain the forms or contact information you’ll need to initiate a gift from your IRA administrator, with helpful step-by-step directions along the way. Please use our full legal name, tax ID number, and address when requesting your desired transfer amount.


With a trust (also known as a charitable lead trust or charitable lead unitrust), you can support Concern’s work without giving up any assets that you’d like to keep in your family. A charitable lead trust contributes a fixed amount to Concern each year; a charitable lead unitrust contributes a variable amount based on the value of assets (such as cash, real estate, stocks, or securities)  in your trust.  

To support Concern through your trust
Contact your financial or legal advisor about including Concern Worldwide in your plans, using our full legal name, tax ID number, and address. 

Euphemia Inina (42) waters her market garden at her home in Mabayi, Cibitoke. As part of the Graduation Program all participants are given seeds and training on how to grow food in their gardens. Photo: Abbie Trayler-Smith / Concern Worldwide

Where your support goes

No matter how you give, your generous gift will help Concern reach over 25 million people each year in many of the world’s most vulnerable, fragile, and hardest-to-reach communities, and partner with them to break the cycle of extreme poverty through various interventions. These include: 

  • Screening children for malnutrition and providing those diagnosed as malnourished with life-saving courses of therapeutic food, ensuring ongoing health through their formative years
  • Working with farmers to adopt Climate Smart Agriculture techniques that respond to a changing environment and contribute to greater harvests 
  • Supporting refugees — including those currently affected by the two largest refugee crises (the Syrian Conflict and the Rohingya crisis) — with essential items, psychosocial counseling, safe spaces for children, education, and job training 
  • Responding to global emergencies like the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic or the 2014-16 West African Ebola Epidemic with lifesaving healthcare support

IRS guidelines for charitable contributions

IRS regulations prohibit the donor, donor advisor, or the donor’s family member from receiving more than an incidental benefit from a DAF distribution. A ticket or table purchase for an event may be considered impermissible as it confers a more than incidental benefit. Furthermore, guidelines published by several DAFs in accordance with IRS Notice 2017-73, Section 3 prohibit the use of DAF distributions to pay for the deductible portion of an event ticket or table price while using other (non-DAF) means to cover the non-deductible portion. Such guidelines also specify that a donor may not receive complimentary admittance to an event in connection with a donation from a DAF.  

If you would like to support a Concern event from your DAF, please confirm that you will decline all benefits when making your grant recommendation. If you also wish to purchase a ticket or table to the event and receive the corresponding benefits, a separate non-DAF gift for the full price of the ticket or table is required. 

The IRS also provides guidelines for qualified charitable distributions from your IRA and charitable trusts. This information is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for, tax, legal, or accounting advice. Please consult your tax, legal, or accounting advisor before engaging in any of the above transactions.